FINAL Screenings at the NZIFF

MMPU screened to a packed crowd in the largest screen at Hoyts Riccarton during the weekend. The drawcard was the film The Human Scale, which featured Christchurch and it’s current rebuild. While MMPU revealed the fictional and absurd consequences of letting the machines we build take over and get out of hand – this documentary exposed this absurdity in practice – as it is being built today in the gigacities. They particularly focused on the motorway flyovers, and inhumane residential development. Both films were about an equilibrium thrown out of kilter, by our own hands and our creative impulse. It behoves us therefore to create consciously, with regard to our fellow human beings, and all the creatures of the planet.

Throughout New Zealand our film has now been seen by thousands of people during the NZIFF. I would like to thank the festival curators of the NZIFF for putting these two films together, and allowing the resonance of each to speak to a greater issue.


Wednesday 7 August, 1.45pm Hoyts Northlands
Thursday 8 August, 11.30am Hoyts Northlands

Saturday 10 August, 10.30am The Regent Theatre
Sunday 18 August, 10.30am The Regent Theatre


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