The Mobile Meat Processing Unit is a short animated film made in Christchurch, New Zealand. Set on a rural family farm, this film explores themes of greed, excess consumerism, exploitative profiteering of farming … and sacrificial love.


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Snowy the lamb follows Mary to school when a high-tech mobile freezing works arrives at Happy Valley farm. The truck processes the animals while Mr and Mrs Morgan receive appliances. They try to reach the “6000kg jackpot” – and need only 7 kg just as Mary arrives home from school….


Mary has a pet lamb called Snowy, a rather wise wee lamb, who decides to follow Mary to school rather than stay on the farm following the arrival of a monstrous truck – a mobile meat processing unit. Meanwhile on the farm in Happy Valley, Mary’s Mum and Dad merrily feed the machine all their sheep, while they feed their greed for appliances with the ‘MMPU Shareholder Interactive Dividend Payout System’.

The machine needs more than the sheep to reach the ‘Bonus 6000kg Jackpot’ so they feed the truck all their dairy cows, then the chickens, then the deer, the horse, the pigs, the goat, the cat, the pukeko’s … they give the truck everything until finally there is no life left at all on Happy Valley Farm. But it is still not enough – the truck needs just another 7kg…

When Mary gets home from school, she is faced with a very different world, and at risk of also being discharged into the truck. But her brave little lamb, Snowy, cannot stand by and let his beloved mistress be led to slaughter. He bravely volunteers to take her place in the truck, sacrificing his life for hers. The truck finally reaches the jackpot. The truck prints off a receipt and drives off, leaving Mary alone on the desolate lifeless farm.

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