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View ‘The Mobile Meat Processing Unit’ online!





Hamburger Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for human consumption” | Political Blind Spot

Hamburger chef Jamie Oliver has won his battle against one of the largest fast food chains in the world – McDonalds. After Oliver showed how McDonald’s hamburgers are made, the franchise announced it will change its recipe.

via Hamburger Chef Jamie Oliver Proves McDonald’s Burgers “Unfit for human consumption” | Political Blind Spot.

Open air cinema screening in Hamburg

Every summertime the cultural ministry of Hamburg organizes a big open air cinema on the town hall square in the city centre of Hamburg – where they like to show shorts before the feature. Each year they view 50 to 60 shorts films and this year they have selected our short film “The Mobile Meat Processing Unit” to screen. 

The open air cinema at the town hall square takes place from the 8th till 18th of August 2013.

Christchurch and Dunedin Screenings | NZIFF

Screenings in Christchurch and Dunedin have been confirmed on the following days:


Saturday 3 August, 4.45pm Hoyts Riccarton
Sunday 4 August, 1.00pm Hoyts Riccarton
Wednesday 7 August, 1.45pm Hoyts Northlands
Thursday 8 August, 11.30am Hoyts Northlands


Saturday 10 August, 10.30am The Regent Theatre
Sunday 18 August, 10.30am The Regent Theatre

Screening with ‘The Human Scale’ at NZIFF


We are delighted to confirm screenings of The Mobile Meat Processing Unit at the NEW ZEALAND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Auckland and Wellington. It has been paired with the internationally acclaimed documentary The Human Scale:

“Danish architect and professor Jan Gehl has studied human behavior in cities for 40 years. He has documented how modern cities repel human interaction, and argues that we can build cities in a way, which takes human needs for inclusion and intimacy into account. THE HUMAN SCALE meets thinkers, architects and urban planners across the globe. It questions our assumptions about modernity, exploring what happens when we put people into the center of our planning.”

This is a timely documentary as we begin to rebuild our city of Christchurch. Parts of this film were also filmed here – see clip from the film. We are proud to be presenting our short animation prior to the screening of this documentary.



Sunday 28 July, 1.00pm The Civic
Monday 29 July, 10.45am The Civic
Wednesday 31 July, 6.00pm Lido Cinema
Sunday 4 August, 6.15pm The Bridgeway


Monday 29 July, 6.15pm Penthouse Cinema
Tuesday 30 July, 1.30pm Penthouse Cinema
Sunday 4 August 11.00am Embassy Theatre
Monday 5 August 6.15pm Embassy Theatre

NB: More screenings to come!

Dates of screening during the 10th GFFIS – Seoul, Korea

The screening schedule is finally fixed and we are glad to inform you:

The 1st screening is May 13th 17:30 (CGV Yongsan 7).

The 2nd screening is May 16th 14:30 (CGV Yongsan 6).

MAshRome Programme Online

Official selection list for the MAshRome Film Festival in Rome May 8-11. If you are in Italy – pop along!